MAXX Potential awarded Emerging Technology Business Award at RichTech's Annual Technology Awards

Last night, we held our 21st Annual Technology Awards show and gala, honoring several local organizations and individuals that are actively helping advance central Virginia’s technology-based economy.

Over 700 of Richmond Tech Business leaders attended the award show held at the Convention Center. The awards are structured in a way that recognizes individual accomplishments, corporate wins, non- profit success stories, innovators in their field, and small businesses.

“Much has changed during the last two decades, but our region continues to sprout outstanding technologists, innovators, and entrepreneurs”, said Robby Demeria, our Executive Director. “It’s because of these finalists tonight that central Virginia continues to attract new businesses. Our area has become a desired location for young technologists to live, work, and play.”


Emerging Technology Business Award Sponsored by Dixon Hughes Goodman : MAXX Potential
awarded to a local technology company that has demonstrated the ability to achieve commercial success.

MAXX Potential, a unique approach toward workforce development, MAXX Potential is filling a much-needed void in our ecosystem. The company finds and invests in aspiring technologists, by giving them a debt-free way to achieve their career goals while also instilling the values of continuous learning and hard work.

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