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"As a percentage of the overall grocery retail market, Amazon’s $350m in Q1 grocery sales (annualized – that’s $1.4bn) is pretty small fry. But its mouthwatering 30% year-on year-growth suggests that CPG manufacturers that don’t have a clear strategy for how to engage with Amazon now risk missing out on big opportunities further down the road, says e-commerce data firm One Click Retail."

"The Goodwater Index helps entrepreneurs understand the overall health of the venture capital funding environment for consumer tech. The monthly score (41.9 in March 2017) is a simple assessment of fundraising prospects for consumer tech companies, offering perspective on how much the market has improved or worsened over the last few months or years."

Business Wire

NRV portfolio company, Envera Health, is partnering with Evariant to offer a streamlined platform based around data, analytics and services to make the lives of both patients and caregivers easier. This solution enters the market just as health systems face operating on smaller budgets and rapidly increasing consumer demands.

Green Car Reports
"Evatran has previously said its Plugless wireless charging system will soon be compatible with 80 percent of the electric cars on North American roads by the end of 2017," suggesting that wireless charging is the perfect complement to automated parking. Evatran's system, as part of an agreement with 500 Walnut's luxury Philadelphia apartments, will complete the first residence where drivers can park and charge electric cars without any human intervention.