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ICX Media Builds Executive Team, Board of Directors

"Today, ICX Media announced they’re bringing on a new president and chief operating officer, Scott Bowen, as the company prepares for its next phase of growth. Along with this announcement, ICX Media has also recruited Laura Lang, former TIME Inc. CEO, to its board of directors."


RICHMOND, Va. — A local company making products from superfoods is cultivating quite a following. Health Warrior is one of the fastest growing companies out there and it’s all thanks to an ancient seed.

“You’re no longer a Division I athlete, you are lucky if you squeeze in a 30-minute run,” says Health Warrior CEO Shane Emmett. “You actually have to start paying attention to what you eat if you want to feel good.”

Richmond Times-Dispatch

“'Territory is at the convergence between technology and healthy lifestyles, and we love that,' said Ted Chandler, co-founder and managing director of NRV. 'Territory is right at that inflection point of bringing choice to health-conscious eaters, where they can get delicious meals that are prepared with the knowledge that the ingredients will fit their health objectives.'”

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Food Navigator USA

"After announcing the funding round – supported by London-based Tate & Lyle Ventures, L.A-based PowerPlant Ventures, Virginia-based NRV, and San Francisco-based Blueberry Ventures - Nutriati co-founder Mike Spinelli said the protein had unique functional properties that opened up application opportunities in everything from gluten-free baked goods to meat and dairy alternatives, ice cream and pasta." 

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The gig economy, made up of freelancers of all kinds, has become one of the fastest growing industries since the financial crisis of 2008. Jeff Tennery and Roy Slater saw an opportunity to connect freelancers with people who are looking to get tasks done, which led them to launch the Moonlighting platform in 2014. Read more about the Charlottesville-based company's story here.

Business Wire

NRV portfolio company, Envera Health, is partnering with Evariant to offer a streamlined platform based around data, analytics and services to make the lives of both patients and caregivers easier. This solution enters the market just as health systems face operating on smaller budgets and rapidly increasing consumer demands.