MAXX Potential's Kim Mahan Named Among Innovators Changing The South

Kim Mahan’s Twitter bio reads, “I invest in people and make lots of things, including mistakes.” At MAXX Potential, a technology trade school of sorts, Mahan makes room for happy accidents, and she makes them profitable too. Virginia-based MAXX Potential takes tech job candidates and gives them more than training; it also gives them jobs so students can make money while they’re learning. As a self-taught programmer and mother of three, Mahan knows it’s important to make a living while learning new skills, and she’s made a way for her students to do just that.


Innovators Changing the South

One thing we love about the South is that it’s always evolving. We cherish our traditions, but we’re also the first to cheer the rabble-rousers, the underdogs, the people who are shaping the South to be something new, something different, something we’ve never seen before


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