Health Warrior Seeks Funds to Restore Farms in Mexico

Health Warrior Seeks Funds to Restore Farms in Mexico

Richmond Times-Dispatch

Richmond-based Health Warrior, which makes a line of chia seed-based energy bars, has a new flavor coming out, Mexican Chocolate Chia Bar.

You can be one of the first to try the new flavor by supporting the company’s crowdfunding campaign that is raising money to restore farms of the Tarahumara people of northwestern Mexico.

Health Warrior’s vision of providing clean food that sustains physically active people was actually inspired by the Tarahumara people, who are known for being extraordinary long-distance runners, explained Shane Emmett, Health Warrior co-founder and CEO.

“The story of the Tarahumara is ... about living close to the land, being outside. It really is a magical story,” said Emmett, who read about the tribe in the book “Born to Run.”

As subsistence farmers, the Tarahumara traditionally have relied on the land for food, including seeds of the chia plant. But in recent years, they have faced drought conditions, Emmett said.

So last year, Health Warrior helped them refurbish a farm — restoring the soil, adding some basic irrigation equipment and equipment for building cisterns.

“Our goal is to do at least two more farms this year,” Emmett said. “There are thousands of farms there that could use our assistance.”

The cost to refurbish one farm is $10,000. The Kickstarter campaign, which runs through March 17, is trying to raise $40,000.

The idea is that once the farms are restored, the Tarahumara will grow chia seed and become a commercial supplier for Health Warrior.

Details on the campaign are at

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