The gig economy, made up of freelancers of all kinds, has become one of the fastest growing industries since the financial crisis of 2008. Jeff Tennery and Roy Slater saw an opportunity to connect freelancers with people who are looking to get tasks done, which led them to launch the Moonlighting platform in 2014. Read more about the Charlottesville-based company's story here.

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Steve Case, along with his investment firm, Revolution, are bringing investment opportunities to start-ups outside of California, New York and Massachusetts. Part of Case's strategy to do so will be through Rise of the Rest startup bus tours, which are described as "a series of weeklong tours of startups, meetings with elected leaders, speeches at incubators and pitch competitions."

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NRV portfolio company, Envera Health, is partnering with Evariant to offer a streamlined platform based around data, analytics and services to make the lives of both patients and caregivers easier. This solution enters the market just as health systems face operating on smaller budgets and rapidly increasing consumer demands.


AOL founder, Steve Case, has a different point of view than most investors when it comes to supporting and investing in early-stage companies. To grow the US economy, Case argues that capital must be more equally distributed to states other than California, New York and Massachusetts, which currently receive about 80% of the nation's venture capital investments.

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The food industry needs to step up their game when it comes to innovative new products. Many large food companies today rely heavily on marketing rather than research and development of new products to attract customers. However, this is becoming less effective as the average consumer is rapidly changing. Health Warrior, one of NRV's portfolio companies, is recognized as an innovative food company for its development of unique products, such as Chia Bars, which are one of the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet.

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Envera Health makes advancement in mission to provide consumer-driven healthcare through collaboration with the life insurance industry. The collaboration will further expand Health Information Exchanges (HIEs) in the US while also making it easier for consumers to buy life insurance. This does not only benefit healthcare for consumers, but also their financial well-being.

NRV believes taking a hands-on approach to mentoring is essential to positioning early stage companies for success - our Portfolio Adviser program was created to offer start-ups real world industry expertise to help take them to the next level. In this article, longtime private equity CEO Don Gogel discusses how operating partners give firms a competitive advantage "because they love getting their hands around a business and coaching senior people," creating operational improvements in portfolio companies.

Nutritional science company Nutriati won this year's Chamber RVA Innovation Award, recognizing emerging companies between 2 and 5 years old that are demonstrating amazing growth, innovation and potential. Other finalists for this award include NRV's Maxx Potential, as well as local companies Iggbo and Tenant Turner.

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The growing gig economy is making freelancers and small businesses more flexible and prevalent than ever. Taking those connections to the next step is why Jeff Tennery co-founded Moonlighting - a gig economy-based marketplace app - and explains in this podcast why demand is only getting bigger.