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First Round
"If your start-up is still building its early sales function or tallying its first deals, it must approach sales differently. According to The Sales Method creator Whitney Sales, early stage companies need to place more emphasis on their founding narrative, customize their customer stories and integrate both seamlessly into a structured prospect pitch."


Starting a new business is not an informal process, and should never be treated like a hobby between friends. Unfortunately, as a startup advisor and angel investor, I’ve seen too many ventures with great potential get destroyed or set back by legal and other shortcuts that should never have been allowed to happen. The path to true success does not allow for shortcuts.

A Crowded Space
Josh Breinlinger

We don’t often think about how to buy clothes in a retail store - but the expectations are learned over years of shopping.  We all know when we walk into almost any clothing store in the US – we can browse around, someone will probably greet us and ask if we need any help, we can try on any items we wish, we can pay via cash or credit card, we most likely can’t negotiate much, and we are probably able to return any unworn items without too much trouble as long as we save the receipt.  Why do we know all that? Because these are accepted policies that we’ve learned for clothing stores.  From the first time we went shopping with our parents - this is what we were taught.